About us


We were born in Zlín, where the footwear industry has a huge tradition. We are probably the same patriots as every person living in Zlín and we are properly proud of Baťa. That is why we found it interesting to start our production in our hometown. In the same place where the footwear industry dominated.
Although one of our grandparents sewed slippers in Valašsko, we had no idea how to start with the shoe production in the beginning. We were pulled by our desire. We wanted to make a fair czech product using European materials, which would be modern and also healthful.

We decided to speak to local Tomas Bata University in Zlin and ask them for cooperation. We outlined our vision to them and they were glad to direct us in the right direction. Because we wanted to make shoes especially for czech clients, we had to begin with the collection of real feet sizes in Czech. So that the hooves would fit czech feet. We measured feet on music festivals, public events and also in barefoot outlet naBOSo in Prague. We measured 1056 feet in total, thanks to that we could make unique hooves and then the first pair of Angles shoes.


Angles are handmade needled barefoot shoes, which simulate barefoot gait. All models are made in Czech republic from the best quality leather and only materials coming from the EU. The hooves copy the real angles and characteristics of human feet. Shoes Angles are strictly without heels, arched insoles, thick soles and supports which prevent fingers from movement to all directions. They are exceptionally light and allow feet unlimited function.

We currently offer these models:

  • Chronos - female/male shoestring 
  • Atlas - female/male ankle boots
  • Rheia - female ballerines
  • Nomia - female ballet flats
  • Antiopa - Nomia female ballet flats in narrow cut
  • Kairos - female boots
  • Nemesis - female/male ankle boots with decorative quilting
  • Nyx - female/male ankle boots withou any quilting or decoration
  • Dafné - female boots
  • Linos - female/male leisure trainers
  • Dionysus - female/male leisure trainers
  • Orpheus - higher ankle shoes


The name ANGLES comes from the word angles. The reason for that is that our shoes respect the real angles of our feet. The logo represents the sign of Earth and a triangle, because we want humans to be in connection with the Earth and our feet have a simplified shape of triangle. Names of each model are connected with Greek philosophers, gods or mathematicians.


A huge thanks belongs to Tomas Bata University in Zlin for their help and great job. Heartily thanks to naBOSo store, which helped us with measuring the feets and also for their permanent support and motivation for next development.